We envision a world where humans who face direct and indirect barriers to employment can receive the individualized support they need to maintain their job and build a better future.


Mission Statement

The United Resources for Social Change Workforce Development Coalition is a California-based non-profit organization focused on creating partnerships and systems of support for targeted populations of workers. Our mission is to provide wrap-around social services and apprenticeships to act as a pathway to steady union-backed employment for individuals who face barriers to employment.




Create a network of supportive career coaches and mentors, and a library of referral resources and organizations that can be utilized for the wrap-around social support of individuals who face barriers to employment.


Provide direct support for new employees including: PPE, transportation to work,
life skills training for job-seekers and employees, and union on-boarding fees.


Create measurable employment outcomes for women, disadvantaged and underserved individuals within the labor and construction industry.



Construction Cleanup Bootcamp

On-the-job training (OJT)

Office Support Bootcamp

Wraparound Services


URSC Workforce Development Coalition

United Resources for Social Change, Inc (URSC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that began providing employment preparation, after-school programs, on-the-job training, childcare, and other educational services in 1997 with underserved, low to moderate income individuals.

URSC Workforce Development Coalition focuses on providing workforce development training and wraparound services to its program participants. Ensuring individuals gain the acquisition and development of crucial skills to maintain long-term employment. We define skills as hard skills, soft skills, life skills, and job-specific skills.

URSC utilizes a holistic approach considering participants’ many barriers and overall needs. We develop strong networks and partnerships within the community, and as a result, we respond to the multiple changes and challenges that arise while providing services. Additionally, we take a holistic approach to the problems faced by individuals within their communities.

URSC strategies are designed to fit the needs of both the construction industry employers and workers who want to improve their skills, and advance their career development to securing long term union jobs as journeyman laborers.

URSC aims to reduce the skills gap that exists between what workers know and what employers need. Our services exist because we recognize that there are significant challenges while training a low-skill population in the necessary skills to meet industry standards.

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Kelly O’Neill, Executive Director

Kelly O’Neill
Executive Director